Ann-Marie Bourassa

As the cliché goes, Ann-Marie Bourassa has always loved animals. She’s had cats, a dog and her dream came true at the young age of 10 when she got her horse. Being around horses made her feel the most at ease. Ann-Marie still loves horses, but her view of equids as work animals has changed drastically in recent years.

Her path changed as she grew older. In 2012, she came full circle when she started to volunteer at the SPCA. There' she met an American Staffordshire Terrier by the name of Zeus. He was a big staffy and though most volunteers were frightened by his size, his resource guarding, and his bad manners, Ann-Marie was not.

With no experience and a heart filled with love, she was determined to make a difference for this disabused dog, who had previously fallen into the wrong hands. Ann-Marie walked him and spent as much time as she could with him. Her bond solidified as Zeus and she began to trust one another. The dog lets her play with him and his toys. Ann-Marie hand-feed him and was eventually able to handle Zeus with ease.  

As an animal behaviour consultant, Ann-Marie realizes the risks she took. Today, she would do things differently for security reasons. Actually, there are many things she will never do again; nevertheless, her experience with Zeus taught her she wanted to work with animals, especially dogs. Zeus convinced Ann-Marie she would help dogs and their humans.

Ann-Marie realized how little people know about dogs, and how negatively impacted their canine companions are because of this lack of understanding. Her commitment as a behaviour consultant is to transform the human-dog relationships because ultimately happy owner equals happy dog! Follow Ann-Marie on Facebook.

Ann-Marie's CV

Experience Education Media

- Dogue Shop
Animal behaviour consultant, 2017
Animal trainer, 2017
Puppy class instructor, 2017
Teen class instructor, 2017
Social cognitive horse trainer, 2017

- SPCA Montreal
Dog walker, 2014

- Walks 'N Wags
CPR, 2018

- Concordia University
Dog in the Mirror is God, 2016

- Dogue Shop
Advanced Aggression, 2018
Animal-Assisted Therapy, 2017
Social Learning & Attachment, 2017
Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship program 2, 2016
Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship program 1, 2016

- Claudia Fugazza
Do As I Do, 2016

- SPCA of Montreal
CPR, 2014

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