The Dogue Shop is an animal behaviour training school created by Gaby Dufresne-Cyr. The innovative learning centre focuses on science to teach future trainers how to manage, train, and modify animal behaviour. The Dogue Shop staff would like to introduce you to their graduate students. The following trainers have extensive training and experience and work in collaboration with the Dogu Shop. 

Le Dogue Shop est un centre de formation créé par Gaby Dufresne-Cyr. Le centre de formation innove en se concentrant sur la science afin d’éduquer les futurs entraîneurs sur les techniques de gestion, modification et d’entraînement du comportement animal.
L’équipe du DogueShop aimerait vous présenter les étudiants gradués de son centre. Les entraîneurs suivants ont une formation extensive et une expérience riche et diversifiée en comportement animal et travaillent en étroite collaboration avec le Dogue Shop.

Ann-Marie Bourassa

As the cliché goes, Ann-Marie has always loved animals. She’s had cats, a dog and her dream came true at the young age of 10 when she got her horse. Being around horses made her feel the most at ease. Ann-Marie still loves horses, but her view of equids as work animals has changed drastically in recent years.

Her path changed as she grew older. In 2012, she came full circle when she started to volunteer at the SPCA. There' she met an American Staffordshire Terrier by the name of Zeus. He was a big staffy and though most volunteers were frightened by his size, his resource guarding, and his bad manners, Ann-Marie was not.

With no experience and a heart filled with love, she was determined to make a difference for this disabused dog, who had previously fallen into the wrong hands. Ann-Marie walked him and spent as much time as she could with him. Her bond solidified as Zeus and she began to trust one another. The dog lets her play with him and his toys. Ann-Marie hand-feed him and was eventually able to handle Zeus with ease.  

As an animal behaviour consultant, Ann-Marie realizes the risks she took. Today, she would do things differently for security reasons. Actually, there are many things she will never do again; nevertheless, her experience with Zeus taught her she wanted to work with animals, especially dogs. Zeus convinced Ann-Marie she would help dogs and their humans.

Ann-Marie realized how little people know about dogs, and how negatively impacted their canine companions are because of this lack of understanding. Her commitment as a behaviour consultant is to transform the human-dog relationships because ultimately happy owner equals happy dog! Follow Ann-Marie on Facebook.

Ann-Marie teaches puppy and adolescent dog group classes. The classes run for 5 weeks at a frequency of one 1h class on Tuesdays. Below is the summary of our course content for puppy and teen classes. Registration is ongoing and classes do not build on each other; consequently, you can register at any time. 

PLEASE NOTE: puppies cannot register for socialization classes passed their 12th week as they start to transition into the adolescent critical period of development at 16 weeks. Adolescent dogs need to be between 5 and 11 months to register for teen classes.

Puppy Class #1
Topic: Puppy 101
Exercise: Understanding dogs
Training: Name and check-ins

Puppy Class #2
Topic: Manipulations
Exercise: Impulse control
Training: Husbandry behaviours

Puppy Class #3
Topic: Preventing problems
Exercise: Exploring strange objects
Training: Sit

Puppy Class #4
Topic: Cognition 
Exercise: Brain Games
Training: Come

Puppy Class #5
Topic: Puppy 201
Exercise: Leash walking
Training: Drop it

Adolescent Class # 1 
Topic: Adolescence 101
Exercise: Impulse control
Training: Sit + 3Ds
Adolescent Class # 2 
Topic: Reactivity
Exercise: Loose leash
Training: Check-in + 3Ds

Adolescent Class #3
Topic: Adolescence 201
Exercise: Husbandry behaviours
Training: Come + 3Ds
Adolescent Class #4
Topic: Breed specifics
Exercise: Clicker introduction
Training: Target training

Adolescent Class #5
Topic: Social learning
Exercise: Attachment
Training: Advanced Brain Games









You can contact Ann-Marie here for the forms and make your deposit. Spaces are limited so we ask you to make your deposit at least 24h in advance. Places are filled on a first come, first served basis; therefore, we cannot guarantee availabilities.

Puppies Tuesday 18:00-19:00
Teens Tuesday 19:30-20:30

Puppy Registration Form
Teen Registration Form
Waver & Risk Form
Terms & Condition Form

Ann-Marie's CV


- Dogue Shop
Animal behaviour consultant, 2017
Animal trainer, 2017
Puppy class instructor, 2017
Teen class instructor, 2017
Social cognitive horse trainer, 2017

- SPCA Montreal
Dog walker, 2014


- Walks 'N Wags
CPR, 2018

- Concordia University
Dog in the Mirror is God, 2016

- Dogue Shop
Advanced Aggression, 2018
Animal-Assisted Therapy, 2017
Social Learning & Attachment, 2017
Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship program 2, 2016
Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship program 1, 2016

- Claudia Fugazza
Do As I Do, 2016

- SPCA of Montreal
CPR, 2014

Randi Belfer

Randi Belfer's debut in the dog world is far from the norm. Destined and determined to follow in her father's footsteps in the high world of fashion at a young age. She had great successes. 

Terminating her career from the fashion world in pursuit of a NEW and exciting adventure, with that her dog walking company was born.

The life change that brought her to this vocation, goes back to the day she walked into the SPCA emergency shelter to become a volunteer in May of 2012.

“My heart was completely stolen by all these beautiful, helpless, innocent beings peering back at me. I wanted to be their advocate, champion and voice, and to provide them with as much love, stability, trust and compassion as they needed”. 

Established in 2015, “Randi” began as a dog walking company, specializing in one-on-one walks only. Now with great pride, she divided her time with training and behaviour modifications.

As a Behaviour consultant and science-based trainer, her commitment to the animals and their humans is her number one priority. Follow Rani on Facebook.


- Randi 
Enriched Walk, 2017
Animal Behaviour Consultant, 2016
Animal Trainer, 2016

- SPCA Montreal
Emergency shelter volunteer 2012-2016
Team leader dog walking program, 2014-2016


- Walks’ N Wags
CPR/Pet First Aid, 2018

- Concordia University/Dogue Shop, 2016
Dog in the mirror is God, 2016

- Dogue Shop
Advanced dog aggression, 2018
Social learning & Attachment, 2017
Social learning imitation, 2017
Social learning brain Games, 2017
Dog aggression, 2017
SPARCS International Conference live broadcast at Dogue Shop, 2017
Dog language~deciphering the canine code, 2016
Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship 2, 2016
Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship 1, 2016

Print Media

Westmount Neighbors magazine
Just a girl and her dogs, 2016